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Flexible Short Term Lending Solutions:

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How GVC Funds Works?

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Select a relevant service and fill the form online to start your application.

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Your funding request is sent immediately to our team to open your file and start working on what is needed to get you to closing!

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After approval of your application accounts can be created and funded in as little as an hour.

We Buy Homes

Unlock Cash Value with Our Rapid Home Buying Program

How we can help you?

We Offer Flexible Short Term Lending Solutions

Proof of Funds

Transactions where it becomes necessary to demonstrate liquidity, GVC Funding can help! For a small fee we provide documentation that demonstrates your entity has full capacity and ability to fund all your transactions.

Soft Deposits

Our Soft Deposit (Earnest Money) Program is unique because it is not a loan. We do not require credit checks, personal guarantees, collateral, or appraisals for the transaction. This allows you to make the final decision if you want the contract to “go hard” at the end of due diligence.

Transactional Funding

Transactional funding is simple! Use our funds to purchase and resale for profit on your next real estate deal at the same closing. Our funds are used to purchase the property and the resale on the same day creates cash to you!

Gap Funding

Gap funding can be referred to as bridge or interim financing, gap financing refers to a short-term loan for the purpose of meeting an immediate financial obligation or asset requirement until sufficient funds to finance the longer-term financial need can be secured.

Escrow Funding

We can act as your escrow agent. Just complete the form attached and a representative will contact you shortly to finalize.

We Buy Houses

With our home buying service, you can sell your house without the stress and uncertainty of the traditional real estate market. We offer a transparent and efficient process, allowing you to receive a competitive cash offer for your home.

Start your Application Today & Get Funding for your Deals

Your funding request is sent immediately to our team to open your file and start working on what is needed to get you to closing!